Network Marketing SuccessIt’s amazing when you think about it; Science tells us that you have several things that make you a unique individual. Your hair, the distance between your eyes, your DNA, and your fingerprints, among other things, are all unique to you. No one who has ever lived has had your unique patterns. God is a genius.

Yet as unique as we each are, we are also very much alike. Case in point is network marketers. The interesting thing is that we believe we are unique. As an example, the average beginning network marketer will face certain situations; negative feedback, discouragement, “the pyramid deal,” the massive rejection, the weak or nonexistent upline,  the high-hope recruit that turns out to be a dud, and of course, the dreaded attrition.

All these situations are part of the learning process within network marketing. Roughly, 3% of networks rush through these lessons and withstand the barrage of temporary defeat, and find a way to continue on to success. The other 97%, go through the same situations, but at some point, most, a lot sooner than others, give in to the temporary defeat and end up quitting.  

Network Marketing Success; The Mind Is The Master

If you are reading this and you are in network marketing, the question to ask is, what is the defining factor that makes the difference between the 3% and the 97%? Skill, talent, mentors, upline, strategies, and all sorts of other factors have made a difference in an individual reaching success in network marketing. However, the core factor, the genesis of any success story ALWAYS begins in the mind.

The reality is that as unique as each of our situations may be, we all face the same challenges. However, those that find a way to succeed, have made a true decision MENTALLY that they would find a way. Recall any network marketing success story, and you will find a certain motivational factor that pushed that person to trigger that decision of success. Maybe it was hitting rock bottom. Or maybe a disease that threatened their life jolted them into making the decision to find the way. Or it could be pure desperation, a deep yearning for creating their freedom. The possibilities are endless.

The key is in identifying the fact that if you can muster up enough desire and willpower, you can turn on the success switch in your mind. And it doesn’t make a difference who you are, what your education level is, your background, or your position in life. Once that INTERNAL SWITCH is triggered, nothing can stop you. But the opposite is also true, until that decision is reached, the decision that you will find a way, NO MATTER WHAT, nothing can help.

You can have the best mentors, the best strategies, the coolest websites, cutting edge training, and an awesome product or service, yet you can still find a way to mess it all up if your mind is not ready for success. So the question now is, “How do I get myself ready to trigger that internal switch?”

Network Marketing Success: Total immersion

The answer is in obsession. In order to learn anything as quickly as possible, you must be obsessed with mastering that skill. Putting a toe in the water is not commitment. You must dive in. You must immerse yourself in your subject. That is how you begin mastering any subject or skill.

By obsession we mean a very simple process where you give attention and energy to master a skill. That means, consciously putting time and mental energy to improvement. There is nothing that cannot be mastered if you give it enough time and energy.

Here is a simple four step process:

  • Start and end your day with your goal in mind. There is a very good reason every personal development goal achievement system ask you to review your goal first thing in the morning, and very last thing before sleep. The morning ritual will set the day up for possibilities, literately attracting to you the people, situations, and circumstances you need to effortlessly achieve your goals. The night ritual will set in motion your mind to work for you while you sleep to help you attain you goal elegantly.
  • Meditate or pray about your goal. Personally, I do both. I take time to meditate, just a few minutes throughout the day, as well as, take time to pray about my goals. Not to get too religious here, but the scriptures tell us that God was pleased with King Solomon, when Solomon was given the opportunity to ask God for anything he wanted, Solomon requested more wisdom. Therefore, when I pray I ask for more wisdom in solving my problems. I seek guidance in finding the best possible solutions.
  • Create clear pictures in your mind, and hold them in your mind for at least 30 seconds. That sounds simple, but depending on your ability to focus, it may be challenging. If it is challenging, then you MUST do it. In order to produce any result, you must create the picture in your mind. You will never produce a result in the outside world, before first producing the result in the inside world.
  • Commit to being the person it would take to achieve your goals. If you were living your goals right this second, you would undoubtedly be a different person. Maybe you would have more focus, or be a better leader, or communicate with more authority, or be more complimentary to others. Whatever it may be, identify it, and start living it today. There is nothing that is keeping from doing that right this instance. Remember, in order to grow into the achievement of another goal, you must grow in skill levels also.

These four steps will help to take you, step by step, into a higher level of achievement by incorporating your mind, and having your start living “the part” of the person it would take to achieve the goal. Network marketing success isn’t something that happens to a few lucky people. It can happen to you as well. However, it’s important that you take full responsibility for your mind and your acts. Outlined in this discussion, you have the steps to trigger that mental change needed to become a professional network marketer. Follow thru daily and you will see results.

It’s your time to shine!

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